Bigfoot Premium Poly Snow Shovel with Metal Lifesaver Handle and Metal Edge

Bigfoot Premium Poly Snow Shovel with Metal Lifesaver Handle and Metal Edge

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Take your snow shoveling to the next level with the Lifesaver Snow Shovel from EMSCO Bigfoot specializes in producing the most advanced shovel blade and handle designs in the marketplace.

This 18 inch blade is specially formed to function as either a typical snow shovel . meant for scooping and throwing but also as a plow when you need to quickly clear snow accumulation from walks and driveways. Made with polyethylene plastic . this blade is lightweight compared to metal variants and is hydrophobic . causing snow to slide off with ease instead of sticking. It's also reinforced with a stainless steel metal edge so you can tear through tough ice and snow with ease without tearing up your shovel blade.

Most importantly . this shovel features the patented Lifesaver bent-handle. While often imitated in competitor's shovels . Bigfoot Lifesaver bent handles are long and ergonomically designed for maximum leverage. Other shovels with bent handles barely have a kink that still causes back strain while the Lifesaver bent handle will help you power through snow without the pain or bending over that is associated with heart attacks. The wide and sturdy Bigfoot D-Grip adorns the tip of the handle giving the user the ultimate control when shoveling.

If you want to clear snow and ice quickly and efficiently . there simply isn't another shovel with the same quality and features as the Lifesaver Dozer by Bigfoot.

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