Gas Chainsaw 20 inch 6220G 62CC 2-Stroke Cordless Chainsaw for Farm/Garden/Ranch

Gas Chainsaw 20 inch 6220G 62CC 2-Stroke Cordless Chainsaw for Farm/Garden/Ranch

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Our Gas Powered Chainsaw has an ergonomic and lightweight design with high performance . making it a perfect tool for farm . garden . home use. The 20" 62cc gas chainsaw comes with an automatic oiler supply system . delivering a steady supply of bar and chain oil for safe and effective use . this will help extend the using life of your chainsaw. Our cordless gas chain saw 6220H is matched with a sharpen Oregon chainsaw chain . which is right-angle cutting teeth . higher cutting efficiency . and longer use time. We have a professional customer care team for you . no matter the products' consults or issues . we will provide 24h support.

High Performance -- The gas powered chainsaw 6220H is with a 20 inch bar and low-kickback chain. The engine speed can be up to 8500 rpm. Ideal tool for cutting firewood and felling trees with a much higher efficiency.

Superior Quality -- Professional 20'' gas chain saw . equipped with high quality chain and high hardness bar . fast cutting . more durable and high wear resistance . not easy to drop chain . having a longer using life.

Auto Oiler -- Automatic oil supply system delivers a steady supply of bar and and extends the life of the chainsaw . chain oil for safe and effective use.

Ergonomic Design -- The comfortable handle design . non-slip and shock-absorbing . not easy to fatigue for a long-term use . making this chainsaw balanced . maneuverable . and comfortable to operate . use more securely.

High Safety -- The quick stop chain brake helps to use more securely. The cordless chain saw is provided with a safety switch to protect against accidental starts to ensure the safety of the user.

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